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Engagements Made Powerful
All your followers, coupons, loyalties and other digital content in one place.
Introducing Octopus
Octopus is a platform that is build for any business with access to milions of consumers to either become a participant of 'Platform Operator' within a powerful digital marketplace. This brings together opportunities to deliver targeted engagements, valuable incentives and tailored content, all in one place.
With Octopus, businesses can create or join an ecosystem of parnership. Using a powreful set of tools, Octopus provides partners with new ways to engage and reward consumers, all available inside unique 'channels' that businesses can create on the platform.
All Engagements in One Place
No more messy coupons, loyalty cards and phone numbers in your customers pockets. Create coupons and loyalty programs through any platform.
Grow and promote your business. Notify your followers about your new offers and promotions. Let your followers chat with you — telling you how great your business is. And much more... Everything inside Octopus!
What Octopus Brings You
Create and manage all your coupons in one place! You'll have the complete control over your offers.
Send a message to all your followers, letting them know the latest news regarding your bussines.
Notify all your followers about new offers and promotions. Send them promo images and videos.
Create and manage your loyalty programs, like stamps, gifts, points and gamification. Let loyal customers know they matter to you.
In th end, it's all about your business and your customers. Let them chat with you and tell you what they think about your business.
You can even create bots which will automatically respond to your follower's questions.
Ley your most loyal followers download your stickers, wallpapers and ringtones.
Know Your Audience
Measure growth, segment followers target them based on their locations.
Create ads and campaigns and promote your business through all apps.
The Value of Octopus
The power of the Octopus platform can help both you, the Operator, as well as your partners, to find new ways to monetize your user base as well as being able to connect with your customers more frequently, thereby increasing their loyalty. The value to the operator can be through:
Channel Packages
As the Operator of the platform a business can create multiple revenue streams through the sale of features a partner can utilise in their channel.
Sell Rewards
Any product can be used as ‘currency’ in the platform and sold to Partners to provide incentives for consumers, and encourage frequency.
Ad Revenue
Octopus provides an opportunity to sell ad space within the platform using different ad formats to sell to partners.
Increased Revenue
By leveraging all these things there is potential to meaningfully drive an increase in revenue.
About Us
Octopus is wholly owned and managed by Carnegie Technologies. We bring together the best and brightest to challenge the status quo and develop real, revenue-generating communications products that take advantage of the fundamental shifts in the communications technology ecosystem.
Founded in 2010 following a successful 20-year history operating wireless networks and developing adjunct communications products, Carnegie Technologies is a communications company with industry experience and engineering teams on four continents.
Carnegie Technologies
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