The Impact of Cleanliness on Client Perception and Business Success in NYC

The market and industry are ruthless because clients have multiple service providers to go to. When you step into the market to offer your services, you need to focus on more than just that service. You can give them a clean and professional environment to discuss business. To make that happen, you’d need commercial cleaning services.

Wondering about the positive impacts of commercial cleaning in NYC and how it can help you close deals with your clients? Let’s find out.

Good for Health Conscious Clients

Clean air and a pollution-free environment aren’t the features New York prides itself on. It can affect various operations of your life, such as your business deal. Imagine a health-conscious potential client enters your workplace to discuss business, and they aren’t able to handle the unhygienic environment. You can prevent this unfortunate situation by finding a reliable commercial cleaning in NYC. 

This will ensure that hygiene and cleanliness won’t get in the way of striking a favorable business deal. All you need to focus on are the services you’re offering and leave the rest to the office cleaning service provider.

Reflection of Brand Image

The first impression of a business in today’s age is from the website and other digital platforms. However, once they are interested in learning more about your business, the second most crucial impression comes when your potential client visits your workplace.

When that time comes, you want to put your best foot forward and present a pristine look. That’s possible by hiring commercial cleaning in NYC and making sure it’s not the last visit from the potential client. 

And it’s not just about finding a service for just the outer parts of your office. You may need specific cleaning solutions like restroom cleaning services or kitchen cleaning services.

Higher Employee Productivity

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential client who has just walked into your office. Would you rather do business with someone who has a good working environment or a place covered with dust and debris where the employees look miserable? Most likely, you’d go for the first option as you’d naturally think, “These employees will productively deliver the services.”

That’s the thought process you can expect from the potential client who is coming to your office to discuss business. Instead of telling them you can deliver what you’re claiming, show them by maintaining a productive workplace environment that starts by keeping it clean.

For that, make sure you find a trusted commercial cleaning company in NYC and ensure a productive atmosphere for your employees and a welcoming one for potential clients.   

Client Retention 

You’re done providing services to your clients. What is happening now? Instead of cutting all ties with them, you may want to keep contact by occasionally inviting them to your workplace for a cup of coffee. That would be a good way to ensure that you’re the first name they think of for a repeat service.

That’s a good plan, but here’s the deal, would you invite them to an average-looking workplace filled with dust, molds, and other anomalies? Instead of retaining them for future business engagements, they may never want to visit your workplace again.

To ensure your workplace remains in good condition to impress and retain clients, make sure you find and hire the best commercial cleaning in NYC. 

Better Conversion Rate

When a potential client visits your office, you don’t want them to enjoy the hospitality and never to be seen again. You’d ideally want them to convert from potential to current clients, and you can do that by ensuring a positive experience for them.

Instead of going all out, you can start with the basics, making sure your office is spotless and hygienic. Once you do that by availing yourself of a commercial cleaning service in NYC, your chances of converting an individual into a profitable client will increase.  


Now you know how important commercial cleaning in NYC is to kickstart your business-client relationship on a positive note. It can either make or break a potential business deal, depending on the type of service provider you choose.

If you go to an average cleaning service provider, you might end up burning a lot of dollars for undesired results. On the flip-side, if you go for a proven name like Lazy Susans Cleaning, you can remove that potential in the word ‘potential client’ and ensure your business thrives.

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