A New Balancing Patch for Ragnarok Origin is on Its Way!

Welcome, adventurers of Midgard! We are here to explain everything you need to know about the exciting new job balancing patch that Ragnarok Origin just released. These adjustments will affect your gameplay whether you are an experienced player or are just getting started, and will also discuss how you can top up online in this game. Now let us get started and investigate the updates!

What is a Job Balancing Patch?

First things first: this Ragnarok Origin patch will soon be available to us, having already been deployed to the Taiwan server. With this update, the developers hope to maintain balance and competitiveness across all job classes. Several important changes have been made. Let us examine each class’s changes in more detail. Remember, if you’re looking to stay competitive or need a boost, don’t forget to top up Ragnarok Origin.

Detailed Changes by Job Class

Ranger Adjustments

Ragnarok Origin Rangers, rejoice! One of the most significant issues with the Ranger class has been the Arrow Storm skill. Previously, it suffered from delays and didn’t pack the punch it should have. The new patch optimizes the animation for Arrow Storm, making it more fluid and reducing the pre-damage duration. This means you can now use Arrow Storm more effectively, especially in auto-play scenarios. Your enemies won’t know what hit them!

Warlock Enhancements

Warlocks have long relied on the fire and wind combo, but this Ragnarok Origin patch breathes new life into the earth and water combinations. The skill duration for Earth Strain has been extended, and the damage multipliers have been increased. Not only that, but the debuffs are now more potent. The movement speed reduction caused by Frostbite has been boosted from 20% to 30%, and the magic defense reduction has jumped from 10% to 30%. This makes lower-powered Warlocks more valuable in guilds, turning them into formidable utility players.

High Wizard Buffs

High Wizards, it’s your time to shine! The Frost Nova and Jack Frost skills have received substantial buffs. Frost Nova’s damage has increased significantly, with the first phase now dealing 800% damage and the second phase 700%. Jack Frost’s duration is extended to five seconds, and its damage multiplier has skyrocketed from 1,300% to 1,900%. These changes make Ragnarok Origin High Wizards even more effective in crowd control, especially in PvP scenarios.

Guillotin Cross Upgrades

Guillotin Cross players, you’re in for a treat. Every Ragnarok Origin balance patch seems to bring something new for this class. This time, the changes focus on improving skill animations and reducing casting times. The damage multipliers for key skills have been increased, making your DPS skyrocket. For instance, Rolling Cutter’s animation duration has been shortened, and its damage multiplier has increased from 550% to 770%. Phantom Spree has also seen a boost, from 700% to 980%. These upgrades will make you a force to be reckoned with in both PvE and PvP.

Arc Bishop Enhancements

Ragnarok Origin Support players, listen up! Arc Bishops have received some game-changing buffs. The range and duration of Epiclesis have been increased, making your Ragnarok Origin support skills even more powerful. Epiclesis now has a range of 7 meters, up from 5 meters, and Bonded Fate can stretch up to 9 meters. La Agnos’s duration has also been extended to 5 seconds. These enhancements will provide your team with crucial support, especially in intense battles.

Royal Guard Fixes

Royal Guards can breathe a sigh of relief. Previously, your stance would reset whenever you respawned or switched maps. Not anymore! This Ragnarok Origin patch ensures that your stance remains active, even after respawning or switching maps. This small but significant change will make your gameplay much smoother. However, many in the community are still calling for buffs to the Shura class’s PvP skills. Let’s hope the developers hear our plea!

Assassin Cross and Thief Improvements

Lastly, let’s talk about the Thieves and Assassin Cross classes. The patch has reduced the cast animations for key skills like Poisonous Blade and Sonic Blow. This improvement enhances the fluidity of your gameplay, allowing you to chain skills more seamlessly. Your Ragnarok Origin character will no longer stutter or pause before casting another skill, making your attacks more efficient and deadly.


To wrap things up, this Ragnarok Origin job balancing patch brings some fantastic changes that will enhance your gameplay experience in Ragnarok Origin. From smoother animations to increased damage multipliers, there’s something for everyone. Stay tuned for more updates, and may your adventures in Midgard be epic and rewarding!

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